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Lorna specialises in understanding property owners' desires to find dream clients for their investment properties.

She moved to Spain with her young family over 3 years ago, deciding it would be a wonderful place to raise children. Lorna didn't waste any time in setting up a holiday rental business before moving on to working as a property rental specialist.

Her love of Spain began in Cadiz, where she taught English straight after leaving University. After receiving an offer she couldn't refuse to study for a scholarship in York, Lorna returned to the UK to complete her studies. Her next career move was to become a Police Officer for a couple of years before moving back to Spain during Covid.

As a Property Manager at Micasamo, Lorna prides herself on delivering a first-class management service, ensuring maintenance and service issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently - the only way to ensure peace of mind for absent homeowners and guarantee tenants are happy and content in their homes.

She has a natural flair for customer service, an ability to organise and prioritise, and an impeccable eye for detail. She attributes such valuable skills to her former police training and being the mum of a lively toddler.

Lorna works with tremendous positive enthusiasm to assist clients in understanding their property needs, whether as a homeowner or a tenant.

Outside of work, Lorna doesn't have that much time to herself as looking after her toddler is a job in itself, but she enjoys the simple things that living in Spain offers - making the most of family time in the sunshine, playing on the beach, eating fresh, tasty tapas and when she can, some retail therapy.

If we were to sum up Lorna, we'd say she is warm, friendly and incredibly approachable, bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm to the team. She makes the many tasks required to manage properties look effortless - which makes for happy clients.

Lorna Mitchell